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Where do I begin?

Young adults

I want to hold some sort of trivia night or a fundraising event to raise $ for HD, but also raise awareness. My mum has HD so I want to do something in her honour. Can you recommend anything I can get started with? Do you have contacts in Melbourne, Aust that you can help me with? :)

United Kingdom
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Young adults Moderator

Hey Lamby

Sorry, missed this post. Well there are lots of things you can do for a fundraising event, it is really up to you, your imagination and what resources are available to you what fundraising event you do. You can pretty much turn anything into a fundraiser. If there is something you like to do, or a challenge, or even something your mum likes that she could witness or participate in.

Sure, we have young people we know from the area and the associations there as well. We can put you in touch with.

Hope you are well and sorry for the slow reply!